Wine Glossary

IB: In Bond. Price of a wine ex-Duty and VAT. This price stays in Bond if the wine is stored in a bonded warehouse in the UK or sent to Export. IB wine becomes Duty Paid once this wine is taken out of the bonded warehouse to be delivered to a private address in the UK or EU.

DP: Duty Paid. Price of a wine including the UK wine duty. UK customers have to pay the VAT on top of the DP price wherever the wine is delivered (bonded warehouse or private address). If the wine is sent to Export, no VAT to be paid on top of the DP price.

Export: Wine delivered outside the EU. Could be In Bond or Duty Paid, never subject to VAT.

OWC: Original Wooden Case

CB: Cardboard box

En Primeur: Also called Wine Futures. Wines offered for sale before bottling in Spring following the year of harvest. The wines become physical and are released by the Chateaux 2 years after.


  • Half-bottle: 37.5cl
  • Bottle: 75cl
  • Magnum: 150cl
  • Double Magnum (D-Mag): 300cl
  • Jeroboam: 500cl
  • Imperial: 600cl

UK Wine Duty rates: current excise Duty rates, ex-VAT as from 01/02/2019:

Wine Type Alcoholic Content Duty (Per case 12x75cl)
Still Wine <15% £ 26.78
Sparkling Wine 8.5-15% £ 34.30
Port (Fortified Wines) 15-22% £ 35.70
Spirits Above 22% Variable

Duty on Spirits:

Duty rates on Spirits varie with the % of alcohol in them. All Spirits duties mentioned on the website are calculated on 40% of alcohol content and are subject to final confirmation.